Bowen therapy for babies and children


Bowen therapy is suitable for children and babies, even newborn babies.

If your baby is a restless sleeper, teething, or suffering from colic, the Bowen technique could help you and your child. The exceptional gentleness of the Bowen movements, combined with their effectiveness, makes the therapy a powerful tool for treatment and relief of discomfort in babies.

Newborn babies often have delayed intestinal peristalsis due to an immature digestive system. This can lead to constipation, reflux, difficulty in digestion or restless sleep. Bowen treatment for babies is very effective in releasing tension in the diaphragm, possibly a contributing factor to colic, as it is often one of the tensest areas of a baby suffering from colic.

Only four movements on the back and three more on the baby’s stomach are enough to soothe the affected areas. The baby can be held by the parent, in its cot or pram, lying down, or sitting and playing while the procedure lasts; it is important for the baby to feel comfortable and safe at all times.

All babies are different, and the number of treatments required depends on the complexity of their problems. However, usually after one to three treatments, colic completely disappears or significantly decreases. The baby becomes more relaxed, sleeps deeper and longer, feeds better, and has more frequent bowel movements. A therapy session for babies lasts only about 10 minutes.

Often a child’s physical health can be directly related to, and affected by, the physical health and emotional well-being of the mother. That’s why the Bowen therapist also takes into account the mother’s psychological welfare, which allows for even greater precision of treatment. This is particularly important in the treatment of chronic and “untreatable” conditions.

Remember babies are still getting used to this world, and with their growth, their colic will gradually disappear as their digestive system learns how to function better. However, the use of the Bowen technique can shorten this period.

Bowen therapy is extremely effective in treating many other causes of discomfort in babies and children. Some examples of conditions in babies and children that often respond favorably to Bowen treatment are:



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  • Colic
  • Unsettled or distressed babies
  • Babies with poor or disrupted sleep
  • Babies with feeding problems
  • Projectile vomiting, reflux, impaired digestion or other gastric disorders
  • Bloated stomach and gas, constipation
  • Teething and teeth crowding
  • Abnormalities of the palate
  • Bedwetting in children
  • Colds, congestion, sinusitis and similar infections
  • Asthma, respiratory problems and allergies
  • Ear and eyesight problems
  • Restricted neck movement
  • Postural imbalance, pelvic malalignment and uneven leg length
  • Feet turned in or out or lying flat