Sports Massage

If you are under the impression that you have to be getting ready for the Olympics to have a sports massage session – you are wrong! You do not have to be athlete to have a sports massage. Anyone who engages in some kind of sports activity and aims to improve their overall physical condition can benefit from one. Sports massage is a type of massage that uses deep tissue massage techniques. The therapist focuses on the problem area, for example on a frozen or stiff shoulder. Massage is a very strong weapon against old chronic injuries and eases the limited range of movements in the joints.  It also assists in the rapid recovery of the body by removing muscle fatigue, stimulating the circulation of blood and increasing the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

Sometimes men who have never had a massage treatment, feel more comfortable if they first try a sports massage, as it is seen as being more of a masculine treatment. This is not a problem, even if you do not have a sports injuries and are not an active athlete, a deep tissue, sports massage could benefit your health. Regardless of what type of massage you choose, I will work with you to determine your needs and expectations.

Sports Massage is used for:

  • releasing muscle tension
  • reduced mobility /neck injuries from a car accident
  • stiffness and blockages.
  • improve sports endurance and to help maintain fitness
  • overall health and wellbeing

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