Wolthamstow Therapy Room

TreatmentDuration (mins)Price
Bowen30 – 90£45
Remedial Massage - Problem area60£50
Classic Massage - Full Body60£50
Relaxing Massage - Back, Neck, Shoulders & Head60£50
Sports Massage - Back, Neck, Shoulders60£55
Sports Massage – Legs20£35
Sports Massage - Full Body60£55
Vacuum Therapy - Problem area60£45
Anti Cellulite30£60
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy - Full Body60£50
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy - Problem area30£45
AgeBowen therapy for babies and children DurationPrice
0-6 months10Free
7-12 months15 - 30£10
1-5 years15 - 30£15
6-16 years30 - 60£25

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Walthamstow, near to the Baker’s Arms with free easy parking.

The address will be sent to you via SMS after your appointment has been made.