Other Treatments

Vacuum Therapy or Cupping

This method significantly increases the micro circulation of fluids in the body, the effect is achieved by vacuum. In applying this method, soft tissues are sucked into a specially designed glass cup which creates a vertical pressure. By moving the cup once it is on the skin, it creates horizontal pressure. These two combined movements reach deeper layers of muscles, tendons and tissues, which other types of massage cannot access. Accelerated blood circulation increases heat to the area, which in turn reduces muscle spasms and pain.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

People who want to get rid of cellulite may think of having an anti-cellulite massage. But an anti-cellulite massage is much more, imagine the relaxing feeling from the massage, the body not exerting itself in any way, the smooth and firm skin that materialises just weeks after starting the course of massage.  This therapeutic massage in conjunction with physical activity will produce excellent and lasting result.  An anti-cellutlite massage encourages clients to not be a passive participant but to work with the massage therapist in order to achieve the desired results. This  comprehensive program to reduce cellulite includes:

  • A special diet – appointed by a Nutritionist
  • An Exercise program – also made ​​for you by a specialist
  • An Anti-cellulite Massage.


This treatment only work if clients are willing to participate in the full programme, which includes the above therapies.


Cellulite occurs for many reasons – poor nutrition, immobility, hormonal problems, age  and weight gain are some. As previously said, massage is part of this program for the treatment of cellulite. For this type of massage I use a special blend of essential oils, prepared for each individual according to weight and degree of cellulite. Massage helps to restore normal circulation and facilitates the release of excess water and waste products thereby increasing blood flow to the tissues. The duration of the procedure depends on the age and body weight of the client. A standard course typically includes 12-15 cellulite massage treatments with 1-2 day intervals.

Anti Cellulite with Cupping

This is recommended for difficult areas of cellulite, which present as dense deposits, likened to knots under the skin. The treatment includes manual and vacuum massage with a special blend of individually made oils.  This helps to stimulate blood circulation, increase re-absorption of fat deposits, assist the drainage of retained fluids and toxins, improve elasticity and encourage elimination of accumulated fat. This is a highly recommended procedure for combating cellulite.

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

A new way to maintain health

Transdermal therapy means absorption through the skin..

Massage with special magnesium oil is the most effective way to supply the body with magnesium and correction of chronic degenerative conditions caused by its deficiency. By rubbing magnesium oil in the skin, a significant amount of magnesium is absorbed naturally by the body. Applying it directly on the skin, magnesium chloride is absorbed through it and acts almost immediately. Passed orally, magnesium is not as effective. Oil for transdermal administration delivers high levels of magnesium to cellular level directly through the skin.

In transdermal therapy, the body absorbs only the amount of magnesium needed. For this reason there is no risk of overdosing the body.

Drink Magnesium  … through the skin!

Dissolved magnesium chloride passes easily through the skin and penetrates the entire body.

Magnesium oil is not really oil but is listed as such because it resembles the touch of rubbing oil, skin feels smooth and soft. This in fact is the highest concentrated liquid form of pure natural magnesium chloride dissolved in water.

Magnesium is very important for our health because it:

  • supports a stable heart rhythm
  • normalises blood pressure
  • stabilises blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol and fat
  • Inhibits the release of stress hormones
  • calms the brain and relaxes muscles

 Topical treatment using magnesium oil, can be used for:

  • sports injuries
  • inflamed nerves in the back and waist
  • muscle and joint pain
  • enhancing the immune system
  • support normal sexual function

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